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Roller Replacement Close To Lone Tree CO

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. May had grown irritated by how much his garage door had begun to drag while opening and closing.
Our Solution: Problems such as these tend to be due to a problem with the tracks or rollers, which is why our team checked these parts first. We discovered the garage door rollers had begun breaking down from age, hence the door slowing. Our experts assured the door wouldn’t move by disconnecting the opener, then opened the tracks. We removed and replaced each roller, and closed the tracks back up.

Matthew May - Lone Tree
Garage Door Off Track | Wolhurst | Highlands Ranch, CO

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Some of the customer’s garage door track screws came loose. This let the track slide out of place, and the door slipped out during operation.
Our Solution: The garage door needed to be raised manually off of the tracks first. With it out of the way, our team leveled and screwed the tracks tightly back into place and oiled them. The door opened and closed just fine once reinstalled.

Mecci Ronaldo - Wolhurst
Garage Door Troubleshooting in Heritage Hills | Garage Door Repair Highlands Ranch, CO

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Mrs. Grunger’s door started listing severely to the left one morning, and opening noisily, slowly, and with loud and halting interruptions.
Our Solution: Our team initially thought a spring broke or a roller got jammed, but during the inspection for these issues the technician noticed the broken lift cable spool. Fortunately, our stockpile included a spare in that size, and replacement was quick and easy.

Uta Grunger - Heritage Hills
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Highlands Ranch, CO

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Ms. Marshall's opener was not working after a power surge.
Our Solution: Our technician discovered the circuit board in Ms. Marshall's opener was destroyed. He replaced it, verified the opener was working properly and adjusted the door so that it was aligned properly.

Catalina Marshall - Highlands Ranch
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Highlands Ranch, CO

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Stevens could not get his door to open because of a broken spring.
Our Solution: Our technician replaced Mr. Stevens' broken spring and the remaining one with a new set of high quality torsion springs. He then made sure the door was aligned properly before leaving.

John Stevens - Lone Tree
Chamberlain Opener Installation | Garage Door Repair Highlands Ranch, CO

Chamberlain Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Evans wanted a new garage door opener that she could operate with her smart phone.
Our Solution: Our technician suggested a Chamberlain 1/2 HP opener model #C455. We installed the unit the following day and made sure it worked with her smartphone.

Nyla Evans - Highlands Ranch

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